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Today, with the constantly developing technology and increasing production volume, the number of devices used in each sector and the number of jobs per device has increased enormously. Firms that want to increase their competitive advantage by reducing their unit costs have focused on innovative solutions. As Eymen Filtering, we started to produce solutions in Ankara in 2015, and we continue to produce oil solutions with Bypassoil brand in İzmir since March 2018.

“Oil care first” is our slogan. Our products are aiming to keep hydraulic and engine oils clean with filtration systems instead of changing them. Filtering oils instead of changing has a positive impact on enviroment, work safety, savings etc.


Our brand is located in İzmir, Çiğli.


About Ours Quality Policy

We have the mission of developing innovative products and services, creating value for the industry and its stakeholders and being a dynamic solution partner. In order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, with a customer-oriented management approach; We have set ourselves the goal of ensuring continuity in product and service quality.

We commit;

  • to support innovative and creative ideas and increase our teams technical and behavioural compentence,
  • to carry out production in a way that ensures sustainability by fulfilling our social responsibilities together with our stakeholders,
  • to sustain our development process by regularly making performance measurement,
  • to establish and maintain trust-based cooperation with our suppliers and subcontractors in mutually beneficial relationships,
  • to follow and implement national and international legislation and other relevant conditions that affect our products and services.



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