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BypassOil Micro Filtration has a long history of providing automobile manufacturers with a wide range of filter products.

Cost reductions in process fluid have a dramatic effect on the manufacturer’s cost reduction goals. Automakers choose BypassOil Micro Filtration to deliver critical cost savings.


Our products significantly reduce costs, increase part quality, extend tool life and improve the working environment. We work closely with our automotive partners and have applied what we learn to develop our result-oriented liquid treatment programs. Thanks to our filter products and superior service, the automotive industry chooses BypassOil Micro Filtration.



  • All hydraulic equipment equipped with servo valves and proportional valves
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Press printing, coil washing systems
  • Engine manufacture
  • Transmission production and testing
  • Steering Column and Assemblies
  • Injection Molding Equipment
  • Hot Test Systems Filtration
  • Powertrain Components