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The technical advance of Bypassoil Filters will occur after more decades of use, and may continue in the future as part of producting. The three key elements for using the bypass filter are:


  1. Modern ve verimli makinelerin aksamları gerçek performanslarında çalışabilmeleri sistemlerin sürekli temiz kalmalarına bağlıdır.
  2. Many oil and pressure units are suitable for long-term use. Clean systems allow the oil to work for long periods before consuming the additives.
  3. According to current estimates, the world has limited oil reserves. Long-term use of lubricating and pressure fluids enables longer use of reserves.


Bypasssoil filters are very important in terms of reducing costs and extending machine life, as well as protection and maintenance of equipment. It is very easy to install and can be used in all kinds of hydraulic systems and diesel engines. Bypassoil filters are cartridges that work in depth. The filter material is made of long cellulose and polypropylene fibers.


Made of high quality materials and with its special structure, this filter unit holds a high amount of particles in it and provides very effective filtering of dirty water. The solid particles are filtered to <1um and are kept in the cartridge depending on the water absorption point. The filtered substances are taken out at low pressures between 1 and 6 bar-off-line.


The additives in the oil are not filtered by Bypassoil filters. Filtration wear and catalytic oxidation of abrasives and catalytic contamination are reduced. Oil change intervals will vary depending on the oil’s performance limits and where the machines are used. These intervals will be extended with Bypassoil filters. By performing laboratory analyzes, the correct replacement time of the filter and oil can be determined. Experience has shown that Bypassoil filters have extended the oil change intervals from 3 to 10 times.


Bypassoil micro filtration systems have been developed by using the by-pass method for the maintenance of hydraulic oils and thick oils.


Bypassoil Depth filters have excellent particle retention and water absorption properties. Oil maintenance is the best solution with longer oil life and extended oil change intervals, as well as providing excellent system protection properties. It is an active environmental protection policy to use a filtration system since it provides oil change at long intervals, protecting natural resources and decreasing used oil wastes.