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Oil Pollution

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In industrial level, not all machines prevents pollution of its oil and oil is an necessary liquid for the machine.

Polluted oil is the reason for %90 of machine malfunctions.

Hydraulic fluids are the most operational component of the industry.

An oil shall be filtered, analysed and get changed. Although companies still creating more operational costs by ignoring importance of oil, pumps, valves, cylinders and gaskets.

You cannot avoid oil pollution it is the integral part of every system.

The new hydraulic fluid is contaminated and typically contains more than 75,000 solid particles> 5µ per 100 ml. Pumps, valves, pipes, hoses, heat exchangers and oil tanks all bring dirt from the manufacturer.

Abrasive wear, fatigue and erosion cause additional pollution when dirt particles circulate through the system at high speed and high pressure. Dirt particles in the air enter through reservoir air and cylinder rod seals, adding to the fouling load of the system. Condensation caused by temperature changes and leaking oil cooling systems contaminates the oil with water. A combination of metal particles (acting as a catalyst), water and oxygen at relatively high temperatures will result in increased and accelerated oxidation of the oil.