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Bypass Filters & Additives

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Bypass Filters and Additives

In the past, Bypass Filters blamed to extract additives. In this article we will explain why it is not true.


In the past, oil manufactureres argued that bypass filters extracted additives from oil. It is not true because additives are held in a solution and mixed in base oil. Even we want to we are not capable to filter these additives because additives has compararively smaller molecular structure that does not able to stick in Bypass filters.

Petroleum Contamination is the only reason for consumption of additives

Metal particules works as catalyst and that fastens oxidation which starts oil degradation. The higher the metal contamination, all additives are being used.

That’s why Bypassoil Micro Filtering has a greath effect on the long-life oil. With our products, oil deggredation keeps 50 to 100x lower concentration. NAS 10-12 instead of NAS 10-12. As a result, oil life will get longer up to 10 years/50.000 working hour.