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Bypass versus Inline Filter

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“I already have a filterwith

in my machine, why did my oil soiled?”

There is two reasons BypassOil Micro Filtering systems are way more efficent compared to inline filters:

  1. Bypass filters does not effect high flow rates, flow pulsations and pressure peaks. Bypass Micro Filtering does its job without any impact coming from machine or outsource impacts.
  2. Minimum thrust. There is no stress with flow and pressure pulses.


A filter media with 114 mm thickness is a real depth filtering. If you compare Bypass filters with Pall, Hydac, Donaldson or other inline filters. What are their filtering force? How thich the oil and additives shall flow in these filters? 1 or 2 mm maybe?


Now imagine this kind of filter dealing with high pressure, permanent flow, high flow, pressure pulses. In this kind of situations most of the particules would cleaned from filter. That’s why inline filters are never capable to reach filter quality they are made to do.