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BypassOil Micro Filtration depth filters and treatment systems meet the needs of the pulp and Paper Industry. Pulp and paper industry has increasing demand to oil filtering systems because of fastening machines and groving sector.

A fault happened because of oil deggredation might cost thousands of dollars. To prevent this to happen, our product is very efficent in paper and pulp industry. 

The pulp and papermaking process can be particularly taxed on turbine lubricants.

Our product might use with;

  • Paper making machines
  • Plant hydraulics
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Turbines
  • Mobile equipment
  • Boiler feed pump turbines
  • Trailing fan turbines


Water and particle contamination is common in turbine oil reservoirs. In these harsh environments, lubricants must be clean and free from water to prevent costly downtime.


BypassOil Micro Filtration meets the challenges of the pulp and Paper Industry by providing depth filters and purification systems. BypassOil Micro Filtration exhibits proven performance and provides a reliable and affordable solution for continuous purification of lubricants.